the granddaddy of the kite-flying panoramic madmen… recreated!

George Lawrence photographed the 1906 san francisco earthquake… from a string of 16 kites flying 2000 feet above the earth…..

george lawrence san francisco earthquake

george lawrence kite diagram

Aerial photography was quite an art in 1906. Airplanes could barely get off the ground then, and lighter-than-air ships were expensive and cumbersome. An enterprising midwesterner, George Lawrence, devised and patented this ingenious system of kites and wires, right, that carried a 46-pound panoramic camera 800 feet into the air…

Now, someone has recreated this huge camera and huge kite apparatus, and is doing it all again…

lawrence panoramic camera project


Here is Ron Klein showing off the recreated George Lawrence camera…. Amazing stuff! Link


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